1. In the Wind

From the recording Doxologies

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In the Wind

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I know you - small and pearly shell / I can hear you now singin' like a bell / you took off your ring and sold it for a song / gave up your own name in the name of freedom / and you run like a river / you run like the West / and this day's getting longer - won't you come home to rest? / golden years spent out on the road / a smile for your time / a nickel for your gold / it might seem unkind - it's all we really know / just business - not a crime - and we gotta bring somethin' home / so you worked with your hands / leather-hard and brown / and tried to make amends with this drunk and lonely town / you know in your heart the joy the morning brings / but too long is the night and forgotten is the ring / so you run like a river harder still in my chest / and I love you so dearly / I could not force you to rest / I heard the dawn awake - crawled out of my cave / I saw your frame appear on the distant cusp of day / and you ran like a river / held me close to your chest / no more lost little darlin' / now this heart of mine can rest /