1. Garden Bed

From the recording Doxologies

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Garden Bed

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steppin' on the last train in the golden hour / water runnin' in my veins - how could I explain? go west go west young man / open up your mouth / chew and swallow words from the ground / make your own country now / make your own country now / I once was a child of God / then I lost myself / I thought I heard Him say - you are too afraid - and so poorly made / my brother wept and my sister fled and we ran to hide in a garden bed / in a garden bed / sometimes when I see the sun I fear that I may lose my sight / buried in the dirt and dust / I swear I'm not afraid of lions / Sunday on the porch warming up our baby skin / I can hear my brother in the yard / watermelon seeds drying on my little palm / always in my head there is a song /