1. Doxologies

From the recording Doxologies

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in the long long night I was waiting on a storm / and I counted in my mind all the letters I had torn / and the rivers of my soul ran a-wild in me / and the song of my berth found me sleeping in a seed / in the dark in the dark in the left turn of your arm / the lights go out in time with the dawn rising / on the banks of the Tarn / hold close my wild heart / Doxologies will rise to the new day / are we still so afraid? awake those sleep-filled eyes! / a bird that sings at night stills the crowded restless mind / I could rest my eyes on the river all day / and I practice in my mind all the words I'd like to say / but time lifted me from a flowery dream / and like apples in the Fall it rotted at my feet / when the dark left this town I laid all my flowers down / but roses always know how to be remembered / what a sweet sweet surprise / there's the dawn in your eyes / they wake me with the sigh of an old tune /