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magic reverb in a creepy tunnel in Wuppertal 




It's a rainy afternoon here in Charleston, and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about making this video back in March in Wuppertal, Germany. I went to Wuppertal to play an intimate living room show, and my host told me he had an idea for a spot in town where we could shoot a video. I don't speak German, so all I really gathered about this place was that it was "inside the train station," which was a concept that I found slightly confusing, but I went along with it. So the morning after the show, we went to the train station and met up with an artist friend of his who has a sculpture studio...inside the train station. The studio itself was pretty rad, and it had a small gallery attached with large glass windows facing the inside of the station. The sculptor got out his keys and unlocked a very large door at the back of the studio which opened into an abandoned tunnel.



The tunnel had a creepy-but-magical quality about it that made it irresistible to start singing. For the video, part of my friend's project, Crippled Deer Sessions, I chose to play my song "China Blue," a tune I wrote about intimacy and authenticity in a world of first impressions and social media stalking. The video is shot through an old Yaschica camera, causing the image to be reversed (no, I don't play left-handed guitar). I did a brief interview to go along with the session, which you can find here.