magical rooftop garden session 

A few weeks ago, I played a set as part of an intimate songwriters' series at Harold's Cabin, in their small but truly magical rooftop garden. Here is some footage of my song, "Ghost," courtesy of Nathan Leach.




magic reverb in a creepy tunnel in Wuppertal 




It's a rainy afternoon here in Charleston, and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about making this video back in March in Wuppertal, Germany. I went to Wuppertal to play an intimate living room show, and my host told me he had an idea for a spot in town where we could shoot a video. I don't speak German, so all I really gathered about this place was that it was "inside the train station," which was a concept that I found slightly confusing, but I went along with it. So the morning after the show, we went to the train station and met up with an artist friend of his who has a sculpture studio...inside the train station. The studio itself was pretty rad, and it had a small gallery attached with large glass windows facing the inside of the station. The sculptor got out his keys and unlocked a very large door at the back of the studio which opened into an abandoned tunnel.



The tunnel had a creepy-but-magical quality about it that made it irresistible to start singing. For the video, part of my friend's project, Crippled Deer Sessions, I chose to play my song "China Blue," a tune I wrote about intimacy and authenticity in a world of first impressions and social media stalking. The video is shot through an old Yaschica camera, causing the image to be reversed (no, I don't play left-handed guitar). I did a brief interview to go along with the session, which you can find here.


My Kickstarter campaign is LIVE 

Hi friends! 

The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my new album is live!! I'm so excited - not only to make this record, but to share the process with YOU. It's pretty special that I can invite folks into this journey to be an integral part of the making of this album, and for you to be able to watch it all come to life step by step. I'm ready for this crazy ride to begin. Let's do it!